Using the VoIP fax adapter with your fax machine to send faxes requires some settings adjustments on your fax machine.

For maximum compatibility with your fax machine, please adjust these settings on your fax machine:

– Turn ECM (error correction mode) to OFF
– Set the baud rate to 9600
– Set resolution to Standard

If you need assistance changing these settings on your fax machine, please contact your fax machine’s technical support department directly.

Your fax adapter is not compatible and must not be used with alarm systems including but not limited to fire alarms, burglar alarms, or any other kind of alarm signaling.

Your fax adapter is generally not compatible with two-way data communications devices such as computer modems, credit card terminals, automobile emissions testers, postage meters, and the like.



– When you plug in your fax adapter and power it up, give it about 4-5 minutes to start working.
– Never push the RESET button on your fax adapter.  It will erase all of the settings and you will need a replacement unit.
– Connect your fax machine to the Phone 1 jack.
– The Phone 2 jack does not have service activated on it. This is normal.