If this is your first time downloading your invoice, you may need to reset your portal password to activate your account.  If you attempt to reset your password and get the error “Invalid username or email. Please try again”, please email [email protected] and we will enable your account so that you can reset your password to access the portal.

How to log on and download your invoice

1. Visit https://portal.affiliatedunicom.com
2. Log on with your username and your password
(Tip – For most customers, your email address is your username)
3. Click the Accounting tab
4. Click on the date of the invoice you’d like to see and it will appear
5. Click the “Download” link next to Print / PDF Version to get all bill details
6. Your invoice will be displayed. You may now save and/or print it.

How to reset your portal password

This is required the first time you visit the portal – or if you already have an account but cannot remember your password.

1. Visit https://portal.affiliatedunicom.com
2. Click “forgot your password”
3. A new screen will appear, enter your email address in the Username field
4. Enter your email address a second time, in the email address field
5. You’ll be mailed a reset link.