Just getting started? Or maybe you haven’t logged into your account for a while, and you need a refresher course. This page will provide you with an overview of how to setup and manage your PBX, and it will also help extension users to manage their extensions.

You Received Your Phones and Other Equipment. What’s next?

When you get your phones and other AUC equipment and accessories, you should do the following:

  • Notify your local partner if an installation date has not been set
  • Place each phone on the users desk and make certain it has an Ethernet connection and power
  • Keep the box near the phone until the installation is complete
  • Initial PBX Configuration
  • Most likely your initial PBX configuration was or will be created for you, but we’ll review the process with you here anyway. Doing so will help you to better understand how to control and configure your PBX going forward.

Are you using a VoIP Fax adapter with your service? Please see our VoIP Fax Device page for some configuration settings that need to be set on your fax machine for maximum compatibility.

Below is the recommended order in which your PBX should be setup/configured:

  • Write your Auto Attendant Script (AUC has pre-loaded your new system with a template, your local partner will help you customize these to your exact need)
  • Configure User Standard Extensions
  • Configure User Cloud Extensions
  • Configure Group Mailboxes
  • Configure Ring Groups (Sales, Service, Support, Billing, and the like)
  • Configure Business Hours (open, closed, lunch, holiday)
  • Configure Auto Attendants
  • Configure Phone Numbers (aka Direct Inward Dial numbers, or “DIDs”)
  • Configure E911 Addresses for locations and phones
  • Setup login accounts for Extension Users
  • Managing Your Extension
  • To manage your extension, just login to the Customer Portal and navigate to Extensions.
    For more information on how to manage your extension, please contact your administrator or contact installation partner.

Customer Supplied Announcements

Customer supplied auto attendant messages or voicemail announcements are currently installed by your local partner.

Email the file as an attachment to your local partner and in the body of the email describe if it is for an Auto Attendant or voicemail box and which one.

The file must be in 8khz MONO in wav file format.

Any other file format will not work so please make sure that the above specifications are met.

Managing Your Voicemail

To initially set up voicemail, press the “message” key on your phone (or dial * and ext. number if you have a poly 301 or 320), and enter your password, which is your extension number. At this point, you will be guided through the process of a first time set-up. Follow the prompts to set up your name, greetings, and new password. You should change your password when prompted to something other then your extension. If you leave your ext. number as your password, each time you access your VM box, you will hear the set up wizard again, so we highly recommend changing it. Also, your name that you record in the mailbox will be the same recording callers here when they access the company directory.

Checking your voicemail from a PolyCom, Grandstream, or Yealink phone on site
     1. Press the Messages Button, or dial *(star) and your ext.#
     2. Enter your password + “#” (Default is your extension number)
     3. Follow the prompts
     1. new/old messages ( *-asterisk=rewind; #=fast fwd. )
     2. change folders
     3. advanced options
         1. leave msg. for another user
         *. return to main menu
     0. mailbox options
         1. record unavailable greeting
         2. record busy greeting
         3. record name
         4. record temporary greeting
         5. change password
         *. return to main menu
     *. help
     #. exit
Mailbox Options after listening to a message:
     3. advanced options
         1. send reply
         3. hear envelope (date/time, phone number of caller)
         5. leave msg. for another user
         *. return to main menu
     5. repeat current msg.
     6. play next msg.
     7. delete
     8. forward to another user
     9. save to folder
         0. new
         1. old
         2. work
         3. family
         4. friends
             *. help
             #. exit
Checking Voicemail Remotely ( For this option to work your calls must go directly to an auto attendant)
    - Call main number, at main auto attendant press “#” (Or option configured for Voice mail)
    - When you hear the prompt enter your box number
    - When you hear the prompt Enter your password + “#”
    - Follow the voice mail menu prompts

Service Activation

Your service will be Activated when you are able to make and receive calls. If you are porting numbers to your new phone system system, you will be provided with temporary numbers for use while your number is ported. Service activation is NOT contingent on your number being ported since you will be able to use your phone system services during this process. If you wish to suspend the use of your service during the port process, please contact AUC.

When to Contact Support

During your installation process (we call this process the Provisioning process), you will work directly with your local installation partner. Until your service is Activated, this person will be your primary contact for all provisioning issues. For the first month or two, you should always call your local partner with configuration and support questions to ensure every issue is addressed to your satisfaction and there’s no items lost in communication.  Once you’re up and running and just need basic day-to-day support, you may continue to work with your local partner.  The AUC staff is also always here to help!