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Day-to-day NEC Phone System Operations

Checking Voicemail Offsite

Need to check your voicemail when you’re offsite and not at the office?

Call your office’s main number (or auto attendant number) and press # + Extension Number when the auto-attendant answers your call.

For example, if your extension is 113, you press #113 when the auto attendant answers. It will then ask for your password. Enter your password.

The system will tell you if you have new messages, and prompt you to listen to them.

Tip – the voicemail is extremely feature rich.  Most users just want to call in and check for messages, delete them, and hang up.

For simplicity,

– Call in and log into your mail box.
– If you have new messages, it’ll tell you. If not, just hang up.
– To listen to your messages, press 5 (the number 5 = L for ‘listen’)
– To erase the message, press 3 (the number 3 = E for ‘erase’)

A full copy of the NEC InMail PDF manual is available for download.

Intercom Ringing On and Off

To enable Handsfree Answerback for your incoming intercom calls:

This disables Forced Intercom Ringing.

– Press the Speaker key.
– Dial 721.
– Press the Speaker key again to hang up.

To enable Forced Intercom Ringing for your incoming intercom calls:

This disables Handsfree Answerback.

– Press the Speaker key.
– Dial 723.
– Press the Speaker key again to hang up.

Do Not Disturb

With the Do Not Disturb feature enabled, you can block outside callers, block inside callers, block transferred calls, and block all callers.

Important – when you block calls, your intercom button will flash on everyone’s telephone.  If someone tells you that your button is flashing on their telephone, and they can’t call you, then you need to disable this feature on your telephone.

To block calls, press Speaker then:

– Dial 747 + 1 for External Call blocking only
– Dial 747 + 2 for Internal Call blocking only
– Dial 747 + 3 for ALL Call blocking
– Dial 747 + 4 for Transferred Call blocking only

Are you ready to receive calls again?  Turn off the Do Not Disturb feature.  First press Speaker, then:

– Dial 747 + 0 to Disable call blocking

Make a Conference call

To make a conference call:

1. Make or receive a first call, then press Conf (on Display)
2. Make 2nd call (or dial an extension) and press the Hold key
3. Press Begin (on display) to join calls

Leave voicemail for a co-worker

To leave a voicemail message for another co-worker in your office:

1.  Call the co-worker’s extension (or press their intercom button)
2.  Press the VMsg soft key

Message waiting indicator won’t turn off

Message indicator flashing, but there’s no message there for you?

Dial 773 (as if you were calling extension 773).

This usually clears the flashing message-waiting indicator light.  Someone at another extension may have manually turned on your message waiting indicator.  This causes a flashing that looks like you might have voicemail, even though you don’t – this allows the receptionist, for example, to let you know there’s a message waiting for you at the receptionist’s desk if you do not have a voicemail box.  If you are on a maintenance contract, contact us, and we can disable this feature so that no one can turn on your message waiting indicator again.

Need help with your newly installed telephone system?

Is this the first time using your NEC telephone?  Be sure to follow these three steps to ensure your voicemail box is set up right for use, if you don’t, then the dial by name directory will not work.

If you get complaints from callers that the Dial-by-name directory does not work, ensure that all of your employees have followed the setup steps.

Support for NEC Phone System Administrators

Have a new NEC phone system?  The System Programming Worksheet is a handy tool to keep track of all of the important information you’ll need to maintain it in the future.

New employee taking over an extension?  Learn how to erase the extension and prepare it for a new employee.