[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]The procedure is how you reset an extension’s voicemail box for a new employee.  When finished these steps, have the new employee perform the steps in Setting up voicemail on you NEC phone system.

Before you get started, get a copy of the System Programming Worksheet for your telephone system.  Phone systems are customized to meet clients’ needs, so everyones’ is different.  You will need information from it to complete these steps.  If you do not have it, or it’s lost, and your system is under 1 year old, or you have an active maintenance agreement, or you are using VoIP phone service with your NEC phone system and we did the original programming, contact us directly and we can provide you with the System Programming Worksheet for your phone system.

For the purposes of this procedure, the term “subscriber” and “extension” are used interchangeably.

First, erase all of the old recordings in the extension’s voicemail box.

  1. Dial the VSPN
  2. Enter the SAM
  3. When prompted for a password, enter your SAP
  4. Dial 7 2 to enter system administrator mode
  5. Dial 7 to enter subscriber (extension) maintenance
  6. Enter the subscriber (extension) number you want to reset
  7. Dial 3 2 to erase all old messages in that extension
  8. Dial 3 4 to erase the old greeting
  9. Dial 3 6 to erase the old mailbox name
  10. Dial 7 to erase the old security code
  11. Hang up

Next, change the display name on the extension.  This is necessary for dial-by-name-directory to function correctly.

  1. Open Internet Explorer (this procedure may not function correctly with other web browsers)
  2. Navigate to http://KSUIP/ (where KSUIP equals your phone system’s IP address, for instance
  3. Enter the KSUAN in User Name – it must match upper and lower case exactly.
  4. Enter the KSUAP in Password – it must match upper and lower case exactly.
  5. Click the Login button
  6. Click Telephone Settings
  7. In the list, locate the extension you would like to modify. Identify by extension number, not by port number.  The extensions may appear out-of-order. This is normal. Do not re-order the extension numbers!
  8. If the extension number does not appear, use the arrow buttons on the web page next to the looking glass to navigate forwards and backwards through all of the pages.
  9. Once you have located the extension you would like to work on, click on the hammer and wrench next to the extension number you would like to change the name on.
  10. Click the Apply button.
  11. Click the Home button.
  12. Click the Logout button.

If you have voicemail-to-email delivery licensed and enabled on your system, you may set it up.  If you set it up and it does not work, ensure you have entered the email address correctly, and if you have, ensure you have enough activated licenses on your phone system for the feature to function.

  1. Using steps 1-9 above, access the settings for the extension you would like to set up for voicemail-to-email.
  2. Click on InMail Station Mailbox Options.
  3. Enter the extension user’s email address in the Email Address field.
  4. Ensure tat Email Message Attachment is checked.
  5. Using steps 10-12 above, save your changes and log out of the management portal.